Mental Status Exam

Every patient interview affords a health care professional an invaluable opportunity to understand a patient, the MSE is one of the best standardized tools for documentating that.

Digitalized and designed for a great user experience, we've included the Mental Status Exam as an additional document for objective measurement of a patient's health and their current health status. The Mental Status Exam has been a staple of mental health records for decades and we're proud to have it coexist within our application's foundation.

Psychiatry is seen as - as much art as science – as much of the evaluation of a person’s mental condition, the reason for a person’s presenting symptoms and behaviors leading to diagnoses and opinion on “best” treatment is varied and often seen as more subjective than objective with consensus in this regard being perhaps more the exception than the rule. The exception is The Mental Status Exam (MSE).

The Mental Status Exam is designed to be completely objective regardless of the evaluator’s level of education, training (degree or license) and expertise. It measures a person’s mental status in objective, descriptive terms and behaviors that provides a cross sectional view of a person – in the here and now.

Tantamount to the notion that if a hundred clinician were asked to fill out a MSE on a single person, the expectation is all hundred clinicians would describe the person in exactly the same terms.

AccessHSI facilitates this expectation and requirement by providing simple, easy to use digital options of the most widely accepted terms and descriptors of the individual components of the MSE, ensuring consistency and efficiency of use.

The MSE complements the AccessHSI by providing:

    • An added dimension of the “here and now” view, completing the comprehensive clinical evaluation from the
    • Supports the consistency and validity (internal validation) of the reported presenting symptoms and behaviors of the patient being evaluated using the AccessHSI
    • Supports the level of care and intensity of service recommended by the AccessHSI

The Mental Status Exam (MSE) - an additional tool that supports AccessHSI determine– Right Treatment in the Right Setting at the Right Time.