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Over 35 Years of Behavioral Health Care Expertise at every level. If you don't have a system in place, we make installation easy. Do you want AccessHSI to compliment your current setup? We make integrations happen.

As recognized leaders in Behavioral Medicine we are avaiable for consulting services at any point.

Once set up we want to provide award winning level support.





Our Service

Our three foundation services are best when combined for a totaly transformative experience, but we understand that every business has different needs. Our software does come with some consulting and service, but these can be scaled and customized for a perfect hand-in-glove fit.

Expert Consulting from years of Education, Research, Innovation, and Work

Our leading consultant Dr. Suresh Bangara can put your business in a position to succeed

A quick bio and portfolio starts in Chennai, India where Dr. Bangara graduated with a Master's Degree in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Madras. Coming across the globe to then attend The University of California, Santa Barbara for a Bachelor's in Engineer, before traveling south to Universidad of Guadalajara Mexico to earn his Medical Doctorate. Dr. Bangara then completed his residency at USC and began practicing Psychiatry. He is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, with extensive clinical work in both private and public sector, academic, research and administrative fields of Psychiatry. His breadth of knowledge and experience carried him to being in leadership roles and positions at USC Keck School of Medicine, FHP and CIGNA.

AccessHSI is Dr. Bangara's second behavioral health software company where he continues to be the innovative catalyst for current and future products. His advice is sought after all over the country for research, business, and management


Web App Development!

We employ only the top American developers in the country

The mantra from our development team is getting it done right the first time. Over 18 years of experience across all pilars of the software development life-cycle, product development organization, QA, using best practices and in full compliance of security and HIPAA regulations.

If you would like a custom solution from our team we will bring you through the entire process, from creating the scope, working through the design, database architecture, UX, and quality assurance.

Human Support in a Digital World

Automate the simple things, human interaction for the rest.

We use the latest collaboritive tools in testing, bug tracking, and agile development so most problems get worked out before the customer ever experiences them. Need our help with understanding? We made a YouTube series and Product Guide to help our customers understand and use our software. If you have a specific issue that need's our attention, contact us via our Support Page and we will get on your request immediately. Our contact number connects to our support team so when you need to talk to a real person, it's as simple as calling a friend.


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