Technical Specifications

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Browser and End User Requirements

We are a web application after all.

    • Minimum Resolution of 1024 × 768
    • Pentium 4 or newer with SSE2
    • Any input device: Touchscreen or Keyboard and Mouse.
    • Firefox 23
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Chrome 33
    • Safari 5

Application Requirements

Let us help you set up your local host or cloud-based system.

    • 16GB RAM
    • Minimum 2.6 Ghz Quad Core CPU
    • Note: App and Database can be run on a single machine initially. As usage increases you will want to separate the servers to manage performance
    • Raid 10

Application Server Software Requirements

Mirth Connect is the Swiss Army knife of healthcare integration engines, specifically designed for HL7 message integration.

    • SQL 2012 SP1
    • Windows Server 2012 (with updates)
    • IIS 8.0
    • .NET 4.5
    • In all cases, default to 64-bit versions

Mirth Server Requirements

The open source solution that provides the necessary tools for developing, testing, deploying, and monitoring interfaces

    • 4GB RAM
    • 2.6 Ghz Quad Core CPU